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Labanoras hike’20 with Gjensidige

Our hiking dream that is finally becoming a reality! We have considered the Labanoras forest many times, so the idea of this hike has been maturing in our minds for many years.
We have many epithets for this place: majestic, beautiful, old, dense, rich, with many lakes, fabulous, and insanely mysterious. Did you know that the Labanoras forest combines as many as 105 different forests and about 300 lakes in its territory. The numbers speak for themselves and inspire us to create the hiking routes, which are: 16 km, 25 km and 32 km.

We invite you to put on your hiking boots and explore this seemingly never-ending forest massif. The number one priority is to feel the spirit of the forest and discover the greatest asset of Labanoras – wild forest lakes.
See you in the place where you feel at home while being in nature.


Registration fee will increase on the 21st of August

Gauja hike ’20 with Gjensidige

Last year we discovered the spectacular valley of the Gauja river. This year we decided to listen to you and organise the hike in the early autumn when the sun is still warm, but nature is beginning to cover in gold.

The new hike area is known as Latvia’s Switzerland – therefore it is the most challenging Trektours hike. Gauja Hike will let you experience the mountains in the Baltics!

This time we will meet you at the new start and finish location – one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in Latvia, the ancient capital of Livonia – Cesis.

See you in the Baltic mountains!


Registration fee will increase on the 26th of August

Druskinikai hike’20 with Gjensidige

In response to the threat posed by the spreading virus, we decided to move the Druskininkai hike from March 28th to October 24, 2020. The decision is not easy, but in the current situation, it is inevitable. We have put a lot of heart into organizing the Druskininkai hike and know that you are looking forward to it, so we are sure that the hike will definitely take place!

We will see you all in Druskininkai in the autumn of 24 October 2020! Tickets, as well as selected hotel and spa offers, will be available during the event weekend, but you must contact the hotel administration in person.

And if you still want a refund, you can do it. We understand that it is not always possible to know in advance whether a changed date is right for you, so you will have time until August 31 to return your ticket (this applies to registrations that were made before March 12, inclusive). We ask for your patience – we will announce the refund process until the end of next week on our website.

We have always felt your exceptional support for what we do, and we hope for your understanding.

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