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Preparation with Hiatus

Not only physical fitness, but also the right choice of footwear and clothing will help you overcome the distance you choose. The tips were prepared and shared by our friends at Hiatus, an active casual wear specialist.

Have you heard the rumor about a guy determined to hit 100 kilometers of Coastline Trek with slippers? What about a young woman with high heels in the forest strolling somewhere around Čiobiškis? We really like challenges, but nothing forbids us to prepare properly, does it?

In this section, we will share our experiences and insights we have gained from hiking with TrekTours in recent years. We rely on comfort and protection, which together create pleasure. We hope you will appreciate it in these challenges as well.

First of all, a checklist of clothing and footwear, with which the selected walking distance will melt with pleasure:

  • Footwear. Correct footwear is the most important attribute of a hiker. The choice of footwear depends on the weather conditions, the length of the route, and the specifics of the hike. However, a pair of hiking boots is worth having.
  • T-shirts and thermal clothing. In other words, the first layer. Of synthetic or merino wool. To keep your closest clothing dry quickly and without feeling wet. Thermal clothing for both women and men is especially important during the cold season.
  • Jumper. Felted polyester sweaters (also known as “fleeces”) will fit perfectly. Lightweight, warm and quick to sweat, and if the tempo rises and the heat is gone, these jumpers will take up very little space in your backpack.
  • Waterproof jacket. It is a particularly important part of the outfit that will not only protect against rain but will also protect against the wind. And since you are moving quite intensively, choose a “breathable” product. 🙂
  • Pants or shorts. Rugged, breathable, offering protection from nature’s jokes – rain wind or snow. And also to avoid having to turn your head while lifting your leg over a fallen log or leaping across a stream.
  • Stockings. Next to the shoes, a pair of socks for hiking are useful. The main thing – not from cotton.
  • Hat. Sun protection in the summer is no less necessary than winter protection in the cold. Always keep this in mind.
  • Neck sleeve, gloves. It has more to do with the cold season as it will not only provide comfort but also help protect your health.
  • Flask. For the sake of natural beauty and convenience, we recommend drinks instead of disposable plastic bottles or cups.
  • Backpack. Hiking backpacks will definitely contribute to less-worn shoulders and a drier back ☺

If you are missing any of these elements in your wardrobe – don’t worry. You can easily find them at Hiatus. We promise a wide selection of both women and men.


What you should be prepared for and what you are advised to take with you during the hike depends on the weather conditions. Naturally, if you are already in the hail – you will definitely wear a waterproof jacket, and in case of extreme cold, you will not go hiking with a short-sleeve shirt. So, let’s try to put together the essential “dots on i” and what you might want to have with you glancing out the window and seeing three different weather scenarios.