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Hiking regulations


1. The hikes are organized by the small partnership TrekTours (company code 305473960, address: S. Žukausko st. 20A-4, LT-08234 Vilnius, Lithuania www.TrekTours.eu[email protected], +370 686 15 111) – hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).

2. Goals of hiking:
2.1. promote walking, healthy and active lifestyles;
2.2. promote environmentally friendly, nature-friendly leisure time;
2.2. to acquaint the public with local  nature, national parks and picturesque landscapes.

3. Hikers agree to the TrekTours Hiking Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) by registering and participating in the hike, so please read them carefully and make sure you understand them properly. If a hiker registers another person for the hike, he / she undertakes to ensure that the other person is aware of and agrees to these Terms.

4. The specific hiking routes, start location and start times are published on the Hiking website.


5. Participant’s passport – a card, which must be presented by each participant to the Organizer’s representative at each rest and assistance point. Medals and diplomas are awarded to participants based on the marks on the card. Medals are awarded after completing the entire route and collecting all the tags on the card.

6. Control measure – a device or device that identifies participants on all itineraries and rest and assistance points.

7. Starter Pack – a hiking passport, a control tool, a leaflet with a map, directions and necessary contact phones, and other information and tools relevant to the hike.

8. Hiking website – all hikes organized by the Organizer are announced at www.TrekTours.eu websites. 

9. Partner –  an organization that contributes to the organization of a particular march. The list of Hiking Partners is published on the Hiking website.

10. Recreational and assistance point – hiking routes are equipped with stop points where:

10.1. Participants are required to mark the Participant’s Passport;
10.2. can replenish water supplies, rest, snack;
10.3. can interrupt the ride and be brought to the finish;


11. Persons under the age of 18 upon registration confirm that their parents or guardians have given their consent for their participation in the hike and / or that they will be under the full responsibility of the parent (guardian or coach) throughout the hike.

12. Children under the age of 16 may only participate with their parents, guardians or coaches.

13. For more than 50 km routes of the participants must be 18 years of age or older.

14. By registering, the participant confirms that he / she understands that participating in the hike involves a significant test of his / her physical abilities and that he / she is legal acts; if the trip is organized in Lithuania, applicable legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, etc.) and upon request of the Organizer’s representatives will submit a certificate confirming the medical condition. In case of suspicion of ill health, the Organizer must discontinue their participation in the hike and consult a physician at the request of the Organizer. If a participant feels unwell and / or doubts about his / her state of health and ability to continue the hike, the participant must terminate his / her participation in the hike and consult a physician.

15. The Participant understands and confirms that the Organizers are not liable for any damage to the health or life of the Participant and will not indemnify for any material or non-pecuniary damage. All risk and liability for the participant’s health, injuries, accidents, damage to the participant’s health, life and property during the hike is the sole responsibility of the participant.

16. The Participant shall also be liable for damage to nature, wildlife, other participants’ health, life and property caused by its acts or omissions.

17. Dalyvis taip pat atsako už savo veiksmais ar neveikimu padarytą žalą gamtai, laukinei gyvūnijai, kitų dalyvių sveikatai, gyvybei ir turtui.


18. Participants must register and pay the entry fee.

19. Registration to hike or to individual routes can be stopped at any time before the start of the hike, on the feasibility of a limited number of participants to hike or to a separate route. Information on the suspension will be posted on the Hiking website and through other channels.

20. The entry fee may increase as the hike approaches. Information on changes to the entry fee will be posted on the Hiking website as well as through other channels.

21. The entry fee is non-refundable and cannot be used for any other hike unless the hike is canceled or the date is changed. If the date of the hike or other conditions of the hike are changed due to unusual circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control and could not reasonably have been foreseen, prevented or eliminated by any means, force majeure, the entry fee may be non-refundable due to the change of the date or other conditions. Force majeure includes adverse natural (weather) conditions, natural disasters, war, terrorism, riots, embargoes, mandatory state or municipal instructions, fires, floods, accidents, network infrastructure failures, cyber attacks.

22. During registration, the participant must provide the data specified in the Personal Data Processing Policy:

22.1. contact details (name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, city, country);
22.2. date of birth;
22.3. gender;
22.4. team / club / organization – names are unlimited but must be ethical and not in violation of the Terms (optional data).

If this section of the Terms does not comply with the wording of the Personal Data Processing Policy, the provisions of the Personal Data Processing Policy shall apply.

23. When registering, the Participant understands that the Organizer may contact (via SMS or call) the Participant with a mobile phone specified by the Participant in order to fulfill its contractual obligations in an organizational manner.

24. Participant fee includes:

24.1. Starter Pack;
24.2. drinking water and tea at many rest and assistance points;
24.3. hot food for participants hiking over 20 km;
24.4. emergency medical care;
24.5. diplomas for all willing participants;
24.6. medals only after passing the selected route;
24.7. transportation to the finish from any rest and assistance point upon request.

25. Additional fees (ferry tickets, etc.) may be included in the Participant Fee, as specified in the description of the respective Hike on the Hiking website.

26. Withdrawal of starter packages:

26.1. Starter package issued on the day of the event at least 15 minutes until the start of the start time interval of the route published on the Hiking website.
26.2. Starter packages are no longer issued after the start time interval, i.e. it is not possible to start and participate in the race after the start time interval.
26.3. If there are other ways to withdraw the starter pack, the Organizer will announce them on the Hiking website.


27. Participants are not required to provide a team name during registration.

28. Members of the same team may choose different routes during check-in.

29. Participants of the race, who have indicated the team name during the registration, will participate in the team classification.

30. Each team’s score is calculated as the sum of all kilometers traveled by each team member.

31. The three teams that have shown the best will be awarded with prizes established by the sponsors.


32. The participants of the hike must take care of themselves and have proper clothing, comfortable footwear, drinks and food, and necessary personal medication during the hike. During the dark hours each participant must wear reflectors, wear vests or clothing with reflective elements.

33. Participant must:

33.1. present the hiking passport to the Organizer’s representative at each rest and assistance point;

33.2. comply with these Terms;

33.3. In case of injuries or health problems consult a doctor and inform the Organizer;

33.4. carry your identity document with you during the whole hike;

33.5. viso žygio metu su savimi turėti asmens dokumentą;

33.6. to inform the Organizer by phone or Organizer representative personally about the departure from the hike;

33.7. observe the procedure for visiting protected areas and other rules for visiting the area:

33.7.1. rules for visiting a specific area are posted on the Hiking website, along with the description of the hike;
33.7.2. not violate the rights and interests of other users of natural resources;

34. The participant is entitled:

34.1. in the event of a mistake or misunderstanding of the route, contact the Organizer for assistance;
34.2. bring a pet with you, but must comply with the applicable laws of the country of the hike (for example, if the hike takes place in Poland, subject to Polish law, if the hike is organized in Lithuania, subject to Lithuanian Republic legislation, etc.), and to ensure that the animal does not pose a danger to other participants and those around them,  it will not pollute;
34.3. receive a diploma;
34.4. get a medal after completing the entire hike route.

35. Participants are prohibited during the hike:

35.1. go other than the approved route Hiking trail;
35.2. use any means of transport, running or swimming to cover at least part of the route;
35.3. spreading political propaganda;
35.4. to express in any form national, ethnic, religious, racial, cultural, intolerant;
35.5. humiliate and ridicule other participants in the hike;
35.6. violate public policy, road traffic regulations, and other applicable laws and regulations of the country of destination;
35.7. litter on camping grounds, recreational areas, hiking routes;
35.8. to consume alcoholic beverages and psychotropic substances;
35.9. smoke throughout the hiking route, rest and assistance points, in the forest, as well as other areas of increased fire hazard;
35.10. create bonfires;
35.11. camp in non-designated areas;
35.12. destroying natural and cultural heritage, flora and fauna.


36. Hikers must familiarize themselves with these Terms and Conditions and follow them during registration and throughout the hike.

37. Participants, when transferring their registration to another person, undertake to inform him / her of these Terms with which they have come to know and agree to confirm their registration and to ensure that the other participant is aware of these Terms.

38. The Organizers reserve the right to change these Terms without prior notice.

39. Participants who have violated the Regulations must terminate their participation at the request of the Organizer’s representative. No medals and diplomas are issued to these participants, and the entry fee is non-refundable. The registration system states that these participants have covered 0 km.

40. Each participant during the registration is informed and understands that the Organizer carries out video surveillance in order to ensure the safety of the participants and traffic management according to their legitimate interest in ensuring the safety and comfort of the participants. At several locations along the route, the Organizer uses CCTV cameras to respond to and manage congestion along the route. Video monitoring is performed in real time. Videos can only be viewed in specific cases, such as an incident.

41. Each participant upon registration is informed and understands that the Organizer and the Hike Partners, in accordance with their legitimate interest in promoting their activities and pursuit of the Goals, may take photographs and video footage of the participants throughout the Hike, and the resulting material may be used without restriction for marketing purposes, posting photos and / or footage both on the Organizer’s or partners’ websites, as well as on social networks and media.

42. We ensure medical attention throughout the ride. If medical assistance is needed, call the mediator listed on the Hiking Passport immediately. Emergency number or, in case of failure, call the emergency number 112;